Monday, 10 March 2014

Handsome Harris!

Hi there, my name is Harris!

I came into the RSPCA from a difficult background and because of that I can get quite nervous in new situations. The staff at the Derby RSPCA decided to send me to live in a foster home for a while, which has really helped me.

They found out that I wasn't house trained (I didn't want to mention it because it was a bit embarassing!) but my foster mum has taught me that now so I now know to only go to the toilet outside! I'm very good.

I'm getting better at lots of other things now too. At first I was really scared of that noisy box that they call a television, but now I don't mind sitting in the same room as it and it doesn't bother me. The ironing board was hard to cope with too, but mum taught me that there was nothing to be scared of. I've been such a brave boy!

I do still get a bit scared of new men to be honest. I try not to but I did have a bad time growing up and, though my foster dad is always so nice to me, I still find it a little difficult to trust him. My new parents will need to understand this and will need to give me some time, patience and love to get me used to it.

One very important thing about me - I LOVE other dogs. I have two foster brothers, a spaniel and a german shepherd, and they have really helped me along with my confidence. I really would prefer to be rehomed with another dog if possible. I can't go home with small furry animals or cats though I'd afraid!

I may seem a little shy and reserved when you first meet me but I like nothing more than sprinting around!

I know that I take a little bit of nurturing, but I promise you that I'm so worth it. I have so much love to give and my foster mum says that after having obviously had such a tough time in the past, I deserve all the love I can get in the future.

Please, consider adding me to your family! If you would like to meet me, just call the Centre on 01332 344620 and they can arrange it.

Lots of love,

Harris xxx

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Some call me Aardvark...

I've had various names since I've been here at Derby RSPCA. My actual name is Jake, but some call me Aardvark and some call me fruit bat. Apparently, this is to do with my (regal-looking, I think) nose. The staff are always telling me how fabulous and unusual I look - it really does just add to my charm. Why have a regular dog when you can have me?! Look, here I am - aren't I cute?

You can just see a few patches of fur missing on my back in that picture. Basically, where I was living before I wasn't properly treated for fleas and I developed a bit of a nasty flea allergy which resulted in me losing fur on the bottom of my back. It was quite uncomfortable and I wasn't very happy at all. Luckily I was brought to this place, where they treated me for fleas and now my fur is starting to grow back. It's a bit of a slow process, so bear with me! 

Just to add to this...I have a protruding upper jaw which means my top teeth come further over my bottom teeth - it means you have to offer me treats on the palm of your hand so I don't accidentally bang your fingers with my teeth! You can see it a little on this picture:

It doesn't affect me at all and is just another of the things that make me unique. 

Aside from these unusual things, there are so many wonderful, ordinary things about me! I love people, especially when they're taking me on walks. I get really excited and wag my tail a lot! I'm not too bothered about toys at the moment, I'd much rather have cuddles. When I get to know you, if you open your arms I like to come in for a cuddle. 

I also get along with most dogs I meet. I'm just not all that bothered by them to be honest, and I've lived with them before so it's just normal for me. Cats aren't a big deal for me either usually - actually, I'm more scared of them than anything. If I did live with cats, I'd like to live with some friendly ones who were nice to me!

All in all, (I don't want to sound like I'm blowing my own trumpet here...okay, actually I do!) I'm the perfect dog for most homes! I'm gentle, friendly, loveable and let's face it, a bit of a looker! My two friends who I arrived with have both gone to their new homes and they're enjoying their twilight years in style. Won't you think about taking me home?

Lots of love and extra-adorable cuddles,

Jake xxx

Monday, 3 February 2014

Gorgeous Golden Oldies

Hi everyone,

At the moment we've got quite a few slightly 'mature' dogs at our Centre. They have so much love and energy still to give! They're just waiting for the right person to come and give them a second chance at a loving home. 

Below, they tell their stories:


Hello! My name is Tug! I'm between 10-13 years old but you'd never believe it. I may be slightly grey around the muzzle but I can give much younger dogs the run around and I'm bursting with energy. I'm a bit picky with other dogs to be honest, I haven't really found any here that I like! 

I'd be happy to live with children, probably slightly older children, just so I don't accidentally knock them over. I'd be very well suited to live in a family though. I enjoy my walks so I'll need somebody who can spend plenty of time going for walks with me (I'm not one of these older dogs who likes to sleep a lot ;-)).

Please come and see me - I'll be your best friend! 


My name is Max and I'm a lurcher. I came in because my owner hadn't been looking after me properly but I'll soon be back to normal! The staff think I am around 12 years old (perhaps even slightly younger or slightly older) but I'm in very good nick apparently. 

I love people - I'd spend all day with them if I could. My favourite thing to do is lean up against people for fuss until they put their arms around me. I've lived with dogs in the past so, as long as your dog and me got along well, I could possibly live with a dog in the future. 

I really don't like being left so I would rather not go to a home where I'm going to be left for long periods of time. If you're at home most of the time and happy to take me out and about with you, you're the one for me.

The staff have been telling me how much they love me and how they'd all take me home if they could. Could one of you take me?


Do you want a dog who just loves people? I could be the one for you! I don't like other animals at all I'm afraid so I can't go to a home with other animals, but if you're looking for a retirement buddy, look no further. I love roly poly tummy tickles (see below!) so if you can give me lots of those, I'd really like that thanks.


Hi everyone, my name is Cleo. Before I came to Derby I lived at Chesterfield RSPCA, and another Branch before that too. Basically, I've spent a long time in kennels :( I know I might not seem as attractive as some of the younger models in here, but I've got so many positives. I'm a lot more chilled out and gentle than the younger dogs in here. I like life at my own pace, so would be perfect for somebody with lots of time to spend socialising with me and taking me on slow(ish!) walks. 

I would be fine as a family dog, as long as children were gentle with me because I'm a little too old (I'm about 8 if I remember correctly!) to be bounding around.

The kennels really aren't the best environment for a refined lady such as myself. Please come and see me today!

Why not come down to the Centre and meet our golden oldies? Although it's very tempting to go for a younger dog - I can completely understand, you get longer with them - older dogs have so much to offer too. They are more settled, more sure of themselves generally and can make great pets for first time owners who are unsure of training needs of puppies and young dogs. 

Above all else, older dogs really deserve their second chance at life. 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

2013 Success Stories

Hi Everybody,

My name is Cheyanne and I'm here to tell you about some of the great animals who have lived in the Animal Centre and gone on to new homes in 2013 (then I will shamelessly advertise myself, as I really really REALLY want a home of my own too!).


Star lived at the Centre before I came. She was brought in when her owner could no longer care for her and, like me, she was at the Centre for a long time. Again, like me, she just didn't seem to appeal to members of the public. All the staff say how lovely she was (I'm sure I would have liked her, I do like so many dogs!). Just when everybody was wondering when she would find a home of her own, the most amazing thing happened. The perfect family walked through the door. They understood Star absolutely and they were so well suited. She liked them straight away and now, months later, she couldn't be doing better. Her new owners love her to bits and rave about her whenever they speak to the staff. Apparently she isn't even nervous around new people now! She really is a lucky dog. Here's a picture of her happy in her new home:


Not too long ago there was a cat at the Centre that wasn't having any luck...for a reason too - he had a serious attitude problem! Captain was (apparently) a very handsome cat, so lots of people asked about him, but he was so mischievous and naughty that he liked to play with their fingers rather than his toys! We were unsure who would want to take on such a challenge when one of our staff members stepped in. For some reason she really liked his attitude! She took him home and told me that although she has lots more scratches on her now, she loves him to bits.

Captain when he was at the Centre


Steve was at the Centre for a long time - four months! I sure hope I'm not here that long! The staff were telling me that he was abandoned and was so very sad about it. He got along really well with the dog walkers and was very well behaved, but when he was in his kennel he just barked and barked, which put people off. I can sympathise with him, sometimes I want to bark and howl a lot in my kennel too!

A lovely lady from somewhere in the North saw Steve on our Facebook page and travelled the distance down to the Centre to meet him. She had a home visit before she came and, as it was love at first sight, she decided to adopt him then and there! It's the perfect home for Steve because his lovely adopter spends lots of time with him and he has made friends with her horses as well. He is so much happier. I'm very pleased for him.
Steve looking really chilled out in the sun

Baby Orange (Basil)

Baby Orange was a beautiful parakeet brought into the Centre. I don't know what I think about birds really! They looks like good fun though. The staff didn't think he'd hang around for too long - and they weren't wrong! A pair of fosterers (we have some lovely people who look after us animals in their own homes sometimes) were looking around the Centre when they spotted him. They were in the process of building an aviary in the garden and thought he would be just perfect. As soon as the aviary was built, they came to collect him! The staff told me that there was a bit of a fly in the ointment though...they realised when they got him home that he was so friendly and sociable that he would probably greet anything that came to the aviary - even a cat! On to plan B...Basil, as they named him, has the run of the house when they are in and gets to snooze away in a big parrot cage at night. He really is living the life.

Lucy (Ruby)

Earlier this year a very poorly little kitten was brought to the Centre. The staff called her Lucy. She had very bad cat flu (who knew cats could get colds?!) so she stayed with a fosterer who didn't have any other cats. She lived with them for quite a few months as it took her a long time to get over her flu. The staff didn't really want her to move back into the Centre because she may have been susceptible to becoming poorly again, so they began to advertise her, to try to rehome her from her foster home. 

She was placed on the National RSPCA website (I'm on there too you know!) and somebody called all the way from Gloucester! They came to meet her and decided she was the one for them. They sent the staff a lovely email telling everybody how she'd settled in. Apparently at first she was very scared and wasn't very nice to her new cat best friend, although the cat was always very patient with her. Eventually she settled in very well and now loves her friend and her new mum and dad. It can be quite stressful for us animals when we move home, but we always get there in the end!
Lucy, happy in her new home

I was very confused when the staff asked me to tell Bruno's story because we have SO MANY BRUNO DOGS! It must be a very popular name for male dogs. At the moment we have a staffy called Bruno in (he's quite nice too), a Rottweiler called Bruno has just been adopted and then there's THIS Bruno! So you can understand my confusion, but now I understand which one they mean.

This Bruno was here well before my time, earlier in 2013. His dad couldn't look after him anymore and he was very sad about it, but he brought him to the best place he could under the circumstances. The staff were worried that it might take Bruno a long time to find a home because he was a very big dog (bigger than me, even!). Luckily for Bruno, his perfect match walked through the door not long after he arrived. This family was absolutely perfect for him. His new mum was very good at training (and apparently Bruno needed a lot of that) and they had a dog who he got along well with. After a little settling in time, Bruno is now doing very well and they are so happy with him.
Huge Bruno in his new home!

Star (cat!!)

Star must be another popular name. Unlike Cheyanne, which is very unusual and unique (hint, hint!!). Star the cat was another animal who spent a long time at the Centre. She was quite old and had no teeth left! The staff said this just added to her charm because it meant she dribbled when she was being fussed. Even though she was without doubt the most affectionate cat in the Centre and loved everybody she met, she had little to no interest. She went to a foster home for a little while to give her a break from the Centre. When she came back, an old volunteer heard about her via Facebook. She took one look at her and knew she had to have her! She now lives with her canine pals and is very loved and happy.


Leo came to Derby after he was struggling to find a home at a different RSPCA Centre. He had a truly tough time before the RSPCA rescued him and was lucky to survive. He was still only young, like me. Despite all that, like me, he was full of joy and really loved people! Luckily after he had only been here for a short time he was snapped up and now enjoys life to the full with owners who truly appreciate him - even if he has chewed their curtains. His tail still never stops wagging!

These are just a few of the amazing success stories from 2013. Please help to make more for 2014 by coming to adopt an animal from here - preferably ME!

I may take a bit of work (I am a husky cross after all!) but I'm good on walks and I really really love people. If you're around for a lot of the day (I don't like being on my own) and have had big dogs before then please come and talk to the staff about me. I'd love to meet you :)

Lots of love,

Cheyanne xxxx

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Terrific Torties

Hi guys!

Our names are Jen and Joey. We were found in a box when we were only around 3 weeks old with our brother Dawson. It was very scary being in the box without our mum and we didn't know what was happening.

We weren't very well at all because we hadn't been very well looked after but luckily a nice person took us into the RSPCA. They spent lots of time hand-rearing us and giving us lots of attention and food. After a few weeks we got better and were then ready to go to a new home!

We're still a little on the small side for our age but we're growing quickly! Dawson was the lucky one and he was rehomed recently. We're still waiting for our happy ending. We would really like to be rehomed together as we do love each other (and it's great fun to have play fights!).

Can you take us home with you?

Friday, 22 November 2013

Friends Furrrrever

Hi everyone,

My name is Pikachu (don't blame me, the staff thought I looked like a Pikachu!) and I live with my two friends, Jigglypuff and Squirtle.

 Here is Jigglypuff:

And this is Squirtle:

We have spent a lot of time together and really enjoy each other's company. I would really hate to go to a new home and not be able to share it with Squirtle and Jigglypuff. I know it's a lot to ask - because there's three of us we need more space; we'll need a big hutch and run, with lots of space to hop around and play (we do love playtime!). But we're very friendly and I promise we'll give you lots of love and attention if you take us all on!

Lots of love,


Monday, 4 November 2013

Lonely Lucy

My name is Lucy and I live at the RSPCA Centre in Derby at the moment. As lovely as the staff are, I don't want to live here forever but it's hard to be hopeful about getting a home when nobody stops to ask about me.

Everyday people come to look at cats, but nobody seems to want to look at me. I know I'm a black and white cat, and there's quite a few of us out there, but we're all different and we all have our own personalities. 

I love spending time with people and I do enjoy a good cuddle. I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of other cats. I do get along well with some (the ones that gel well with my personality) but I'd be lying if I said I got along with every cat. Dogs are a bit scary as well when they come over and sniff you so really I'd rather not live with a dog, unless it was one of those old ones who doesn't bother about cats!

Really, all I want is a nice place to call home, lots of love and food and a nice comfy bed. Is that too much to ask? I've seen so many cats, including my sister, go to their forever homes. When will it be my turn?

Lucy xx